Why is Cancer Difficult to Cure

Cancer / 24 September, 2019

Why is Cancer Difficult to Cure

Why is Cancer Difficult to Cure

Why is Cancer Difficult to Cure because of several factors. For example, cancer cells do not have bacteria or viruses as targets. So its not easy to find the right pengobatan to get rid of these cells completely. Moreover, these cells come from the patients own body, so it is quite risky to damage other body parts.

Cancer also consists of various disease disorders. There are hundreds of diseases that appear as cancer. For example, lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, and others. Each type of cancer has risk factors, symptoms, and the location of the affected core organs. So, how to deal with it is different and need to study the characteristics of each cancer in more depth to adjust the type of pengobatan to be performed.

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Cancer Cure Drug Found

A sudden segar breeze emerged from three students World Health Organization won gold medals in South Korea. The students of Palangkaraya 2 High School in Central Kalimantan found that the plant was a cure for cancer. The discovery is certainly very meaningful for the lives of humanity.

What is that like? Bajakah is a type of vines that can only be found in the bidang dalamnya of the wilderness of Borneo. To reach the location of the growth of piracy, it takes about 2 hours drive from the city center. This plant has a strong and large tree trunk. Can creep to the maksimum of other trees that have a height of about 5 meters.

For the Dayak people, the use of this plant is not new. They have long used piracy to treat various types of diseases. But coincidentally, only now is piracy known to also cure cancer.

This claim is evidenced by the administration of extracts of wholesome roots to white rats that have malignant tumors. After 50 days, the administration of a single, single root plant extract can weaken and shrink the tumor in these animals. It is said that in a single root, there are ingredients that can weaken cancer and malignant tumors in animals and humans.

Konten of a Bajakah Plant

The discovery began in 2018, when Yazid, Anggina Rafitri, and Aysa Aurealya Maharani were none other than three students at the State High School 2 Palangkaraya World Health Organization were doing research on pirated plants.

Then after that, piracy is processed in a sederhana way until an official laboratory test is carried out on the contents of the pirate at Alat pencernaan Mangkurat University Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, in May 2019. From the laboratory tests conducted, the pirate is known to have thousands of times the antioxidant konten when compared to other types of plants.

The Dayaks used to use this plant to process it first so it would be easier to consume. Keep in mind again, to make the fruit as an ingredient, only the root part is taken.

First, dry naturally by relying on sunlight. If it is dry, Why is Cancer Difficult to Cure puree by mashing or blending. The powder can then be brewed with a dose of 1 gr in 500 ml of water.