What are the benefits of running for health?

Health / 12 September, 2019

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1. Make happy

Yes, every exercise that you go through can make you feel happy – it also includes running. Website AADEWA Terpercaya . . This happy running property is also said with “Runner’s high”. According to research, running stimulates the body to increase the production of large amounts of endocannabinoid hormones.

Endocannabinoids are hormones in charge of making you feel happy. Endocannabinoids are unique hormones because they have the same effects as the body responds to cannabis stimulation or cannabis. This hormone is predicted to have a stronger euphoric effect than endorphins because when & nbsp; endorphins are only made in certain parts, endocannabinoids can be made in various body cells. Running is also believed to improve mood quickly for those who suffer from & nbsp; depression.

2. Lose weight

Running makes you always fit because exercising this cardio burns fat with lightning. Running helps reduce excess weight and protect your body weight consistently & nbsp; The body wants to continue to burn calories especially after you have completed the running stage, and you also don’t need to & nbsp; run as fast as lightning & nbsp; to reach the benefits of & nbsp;

Science & nbsp; has convinced that the body gets the benefits especially from & nbsp; low seriousness sports & nbsp; though. However, running can make you want to eat more. Which means, don’t designate exercise like your alibi & nbsp; to eat whatever you want. If you do not control your diet, your running stage will be a sacrifice that is useless.

3. Sharpen the brain

Cognitive brain begins to decline often with age, so your ability to think and let alone remember to continue to be difficult. Not that can not be a shrinkage for the brain over time can make you & nbsp; senile & nbsp; or even run out of memory. To prevent this, start running. Against age-old cognitive constraints is one of the benefits of running that you might not have had the chance to think about. Older people who regularly run & nbsp; are reported to have better memory sharpness and a longer focus range & nbsp; They also get a greater value on mental tests in totality than those who lead a transient life. The cognitive abilities of survivors of stroke & nbsp; stroke & nbsp; were also reported to increase to & nbsp; 50% when undergoing & nbsp; regular exercise training.