Indonesian Study Research Eucalyptus Covid-19 Anti Virus

COVID-19 / 18 May, 2020

Indonesian Study Research Eucalyptus Covid-19 Anti Virus

Indonesian Study Research Eucalyptus Covid-19 Anti Virus – The eucalyptus plant later emerged as one of the foods examined for the antiviral drug SARS-CoV-2 that factors Covid-19. But scientists assess this improvement path still demands further research.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Academy of Young Scientists (ALMI) Berry Juliandi Observed, it is likely that eucalyptus was able to damage the virus. This includes interacting directly with the new SARS-CoV-2 corona virus.

“But, will eucalyptus be able to degrade the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has entered cells or has inflamed cells, so that it can turn into Covid-19? This is what research has not done,” Berry told, Monday (11) / 5).

“It seems that this statistics does not yet exist and display further and careful research eucalyptus so that it is truly not accurate if it is pointed out that eucalyptus Covid-19 anti virus,” he continued.

The Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) biologist Out of the ordinary, to establish eucalyptus as a Covid-19 drug it is necessary to first preclinical exams on animals to clinical trials in Individuals. He estimated the trying out period is just about the same as when checking out and finding vaccines.

The speed of this discovery system also depends on the readiness and innovations of the researchers.

In the past, the government was coming up a range of eucalyptus-based products that were claimed to be able to conquer the new type of corona virus. The Ministry of Agriculture is making several eucalyptus prototypes with nano science in the form of inhalers, roll-on, ointment, balm and diffuser.

Responding to the idea, young researcher Berry Juliandi could not ascertain whether the plenty of products made from eucalyptus would be able to ward off the corona virus that the explanation why Covid-19.

“It is precisely this that display further Research. As long as there is no records yet, we should not assume,” concluded Berry.

There are a number of means blessings of eucalyptus, also known study research as eucalyptus for health. Besides the fact that not in every single place has been tested through research. One of them, for example, has antimicrobial properties.

Indonesian study posted by Clinical Microbiology and Illness suggests that eucalyptus has an antibacterial effect on pathogenic terrible in the upper breathing tract. Adding, Haemophilus influenzae or terrible that are the source of a variety of infections.