Stay Healty During COVID-19 Quarantine ?

Uncategorized / 4 May, 2020

Stay Healty During COVID-19 Quarantine ?

UGM Professor, Prof. Endang Sutriswati Rahayu, conveyed a few pedoman to keep the body fresh to support a good immune sistem so that it is not susceptible to disease during the 19th pandemic outbreak. According to the lecturer at the UGM Faculty of Agricultural Technology, he always recommended eating nutritious, balanced and varied foods. In one dinner plate, the simplest portion of food needed is one third of rice, like vegetables, another third consisting of side dishes and fruit.

Someone who has a good diet, a balanced, nutritious and varied diet tends to have a healthier body with a stronger immune Sistem, and has a low risk of infectious and chronic diseases. Various types of fresh or minimally processed foods are good sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and antioxidants.

“As much as possible to process vegetables with a minimal process, for example, cooked stir-fry and just the amount cooked. This is to avoid reheating leftover food when you want to eat. Warming up repeatedly will damage important vitamins, “Endang Rahayu said, Wednesday (1/4).

Some vegetables and herbs are known to increase endurance, namely, broccoli, spinach, beans, carrots, garlic, ginger, turmeric. While fruits are oranges, lemons, mangoes, papayas, guavas, watermelons, strawberries, kiwi, paprika. Almonds are also known to increase the body’s immune Sistem, as well as fish such as salmon, tuna, and others are known to have omega 3 and unsaturated fatty acids that are important for a healthy body.

To support a healthy body we also need to drink enough water, which is 8 to 10 glasses each day. Although water is the best choice, water can also be filled by consuming tea, coffee, juice, and so on.

However, he reminded the importance of eating fresh or minimally processed food every day. Furthermore reduce snacks especially with the taste salty, sweet and delicious by replacing them with fresh fruit. “If you still consume fat oil, just taste it, including reducing fried foods that are more delicious,” said Endang.

In the current situation, according to him, people do not need to change their diet drastically to prevent digestive problems. “It’s better to reduce eating out especially in the current situation when the world is being hit by covid 19, implementing physical distancing, and preventing transmission from an infected environment,” he said.

Regular exercise and sunbathing according to him is very necessary to get vitamin D directly from sunlight and adequate rest. “Don’t forget to stay happy and excited because this is an important capital to support physical and mental health, so that we can reduce the risk of disease,” he said.

By regulating a good diet, he added, actually we no longer need to consume vitamins or supplements. Except for individuals who are not feeling well or are experiencing extreme fatigue when work accumulates can be supplemented with supplements. “Old people, especially those who are prone to disease, are sometimes also advised to take a number of supplements according to their needs,” he said.