How To Stay Healthy During Rainy Days

Health, Healthy, Healthy environment / 5 May, 2020

How To Stay Healthy During Rainy Days

When the immune system or immune system is functioning normally, it will detect foreign substances that threaten the body, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Endurance works by destroying the “foreign body” that is a threat.

Therefore, to strengthen your immune data to stay fit in the rainy season, you need to apply the following methods to maintain health.

Consumption of guava or guava

Eating guava or drinking juice is the easiest way to maintain health in the rainy season. Guava contains vitamin C.

Vitamin C deficiency can increase the potential for disease infection. Therefore, regular consumption of guava which is rich in vitamin C will help increase endurance, thus preventing infections such as colds, coughs and colds.

Guava is also antimicrobial, thus helping the body kill viruses and bacteria that cause infections. Because of its nature that brings benefits to the body in the rainy season and floods, you can consume guava in the form of fruit or juice regularly.


Keep exercising and doing physical activities as a way to maintain health in the rainy season. Exercise can improve blood circulation, thus supporting the immune system to work as it should.

A study revealed, 20 minutes of exercise can stimulate the immune system to produce anti-inflammatory response. There are various sports that support physical health, such as yoga, pilates, biking, and others.

Influenza vaccine

Dense work in everyday life requires you to stay healthy always. Therefore, try to maintain a healthy body in the rainy season with influenza vaccine. Moreover, the rain that comes erratically, makes the transmission of flu is very easy to attack, through the hands, body, to enter the respiratory system.

Washing hands

Because of easy virus transmission through physical contact, don’t forget to keep your hands clean. Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of germs. You can use hand sanitizer wherever you go to minimize the risk of disease transmission. Take these simple steps as a way to protect your health in the rainy season.

Consumption of nutritious foods

Foods that are rich in micronutrients can increase endurance. This method is able to maintain the health of your body in the rainy season and floods.

If the body lacks micronutrients such as zinc, selenium, iron, folic acid, as well as vitamins A, B6, C, and E, it can affect the decrease in endurance and facilitate disease to infect the body. Include various types of vegetables and fruit in your food, so that the immune system is maintained properly.

Maintaining a healthy body in the rainy season can actually be done in a simple way. But often due to a myriad of activities, we are often ignorant of health problems.

One of the diseases that can attack during the rainy season and flood is dengue fever. This Aedes aegypti mosquito lays its eggs in clean water reservoirs.

Spread easily from Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, female mosquitoes that have been infected with dengue virus.

The virus develops in the mosquito’s body for 8-12 days and can transmit the virus through bites from one person to another. Dengue fever can only be transmitted by mosquitoes.

Not only dengue fever, the rainy season can also cause the spread of influenza viruses and rhinoviruses that cause colds. This virus can easily spread in a closed environment. For example, we are more often at home, school, work, when the rainy season comes.

Thus the chance of transmitting the disease from one person to another will spread more easily. Viruses can be carried out through physical contact and into the respiratory system.