Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet

Lifestyle Guide / 16 September, 2019

Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet

Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet

Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet Barely an era of independent Indonesia QQIBS continued seventy-one years after August 17, 1945 Bung Karno proclaimed Indonesia’s freedom, which in fact was not tried as easily as turning the palm of the hand.

The freedom fighters struggled, dedicated property, the family asked for help like a bet. Today we live to enjoy the warfare of the warriors, therefore we must also consider the warfare of the freedom fighters.

In reflecting on the freedom of the Republic of Indonesia, we are obliged to absorb together those protected by law. Have we freed up our lifestyle? Let us free our lifestyle by practicing a fit lifestyle.

Many people say that being fit is expensive, while it’s expensive, the pain is expensive. Therefore, it is very meaningful for us to make basic actions before getting sick.

Many illnesses originate from a lifestyle that is less good than yourself. What patterns of life are created by everyday activities that are made into a routine.

If the routine that you are undergoing then penetrates, you are at risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and heart attack, hope it is very easy to attack you.

No need to be afraid, this time I want to spread some of the guidelines for an extraordinary fit lifestyle from health experts, as well as what Rosulullah saw. Are you curious about the method of living in shape? Next part is to make a fit lifestyle that you must live at this time.

The Right and Easy Method of Living a Fit

1. Know your own health at this time

The survey convinced 70% of people to recover who replaced Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet the pattern of success after facing illness. Are you guys too? This is one that you must make from this moment on.

Check yourself before getting sick is not only beneficial for health. However, it is still useful so that doctors can cope with special diseases that can be released from you tomorrow.

Therefore, spend time in a regular way for discussion to the doctor.

2. Live sports activities (exercise)

Do you often exercise? Or even your daily activities discussed by leaning in front of the PC to expand the day without sports activities?

Every day for at least 75 minutes each week and tighten the muscles at least.

There are many types of exercises that can help you protect your health. For example, a kind of jogging, gym, free bicycle, and similar. Choose activities that are fun as healthy sports activities.

3. Appropriate food selection

Of course, all the people have visited the perfect 4 course 5 meal. Yep, the menu has been supervised by health experts, also claimed to be like a fit meal with a fairly complete nutritional content. Starting from the contents of vit, protein, fiber, to minerals.

Sorting out this fine meal should be good for those of you who want to lose weight, take a fit lifestyle, or gain weight.

4. Avoid bad routine

In addition to sorting out the right foods, you are also required to start away from the routine that is not good starting a healthy lifestyle can be well granted.

Some of the poor quality that must be excluded Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet include smoking, drinking alcohol, eating sweet meals, fatty foods, staying up late at night, etc.

5. discuss stress

For those who have the pressure of mind, in fact there are many methods that you can take. For example, you can spend free time for relaxation, concentration, seclusion, or prefer to discuss hobbies that have not recently been tried often because of the tight schedule of activities.

6. Fair and regular breaks

Ideally, health experts recommend that you sleep at least 8- 9 hours a day. Quite rest is the key to getting a fit body and mind.

Not only fulfill the minimum sleep duration of 8 hours, you are also required to sleep in an orderly manner. Strive to sleep and rise with the same hours each day. This is very meaningful so that the body is more available if it is required to take a break and if it is required to work.

7. Increase drinking water

Basically our body consists of more than 80% solution. Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet Lack of solution can cause the loss of body fluids that end in disease. When before the body is ill, it is better to meet the body solution by doubling the consumption of water.

8. Protect cleanliness

Germs and disease-triggering viruses grow in dirty places. Sterilizing the area where you live in a regular way can be a very fit lifestyle.

Start by protecting your personal hygiene first. For example, minimally bath twice a day, brush your teeth after eating, sterilize the bedroom, and similar.

Methods of Living in a Fully Lifestyle Version of Rosulullah SAW

When the Roman emperor sent a doctor’s Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet encouragement to Medina, in fact for a year the doctor had difficulty creating sick people. After that the doctor asked the Messenger of Allah sallallahualaihi wa sallam about the secrets of the Muslims who do not often face illness.

Same old life, Rasulullah only had time to deal with illness twice. Initially, when poisoned by a Hebrew woman who was serving food at the time of the Prophet sallallaahuihi wa sallam in Medina. Second, when he was dying.

What are some of the best secret guides from the Messenger of Allah?

1. Rasulullah lightning sleep and lightning wake up

The Prophet did not advise his people to sleep until late at night. Regarding such matters, the background to him is not to be polite after the duration of the evening.

When it was time to sleep the Prophet wanted to lightning sleep. In general, he had slept before 21.30. After that, at around 03.00 he had regained consciousness to perform night prayers.

2. Rasulullah often fasts

O many people who are religious, are required to be based on you abstaining, as are required to be based on many people before you so that you are cautious, and abstinence is better for you if you recognize.

Fasting has extraordinary properties for health, especially some risky diseases such as heart attack, bludrek, diabetes, and cancer can be restored. Read fully the efficacy of fasting.

3. Not bad-tempered

Rasulullah had counseled his friends 3 times who had the same voice, that is

Do not be angry. This invitation proves that the foundation of solidity is not found in the body, but the cleanliness of the soul. Not only that, it is not easy to get angry too, it is proven to be very healthy for the body.

4. Picket cleanliness

Cleanliness is some of the beliefs. Rasulullah is popular as a clean and neat individual. Every Thursday or Friday, he regularly shaves soft hair on the cheeks, cuts nails, bersiwak, and wears fragrant oil.

The apostle also very much protects the oral and dental hygiene through his custom, which he is blessed with until now.

5. Protect diet

In the morning the Prophet was pleased to Fit Lifestyle Guide From Experts and The Prophet consume one glass of cold water mixed with real honey. After that penetrated the duration of Dhuha (morning before noon), he consumed 7 Ajwa date palm seeds.

Judging from the health of the earth honey and dates have many benefits for digestive schemes, listed one of which neutralizes toxins. This efficacy was tested when the Prophet was poisoned by a Hebrew woman in Medina.

After it penetrated the afternoon before evening, Rosul consumed olive oil. In fact, olives are blessed plants. On the contrary, at night, he consumes lots of fresh vegetables with nutrients.

In the normal way, vegetables have antioxidant content that can enhance the body’s immune system against disease. After dinner, Rosul doesn’t go to sleep. He carries out activities such as prayer so that meals can be digested in the maximum way.

6. Exercising

The Prophet also did not remember carrying out various types of exercise which proved that his body was not only fit but also sturdy. He had run away, struggled, and moreover archery.

7. Socializing

As we all know, Rasulullah is an individual who likes to stay in touch with friends and neighbors. Socializing is one of the guidelines to protect the health we deserve to imitate at this time.

8. Beating

Said bin Jubir said from Ibn Abbas r. a if the Messenger of Allah saw had said:

Recovery can be obtained through 3 methods: initial by drinking honey (herbal medicine), with berekam or hijamah, and treatment of hot iron. Lifestyle And I am not suggesting my people to carry out healing with hot iron (HR. Bukhori)