Benefits of Afternoon Running for Body Health

Benefits of Afternoon Running for Body Health / 8 September, 2019

Benefits of Afternoon Running for Body Health

Benefits of Afternoon Running According to Research

Running sports have many benefits, such as strengthening muscles and bones, burning calories, making the heart healthy, and maintaining weight.Website AADEWA Terpercaya,  Experts argue that the best time to exercise is when you really do it consistently, so that the activity becomes a habit or part of your daily routine. Not just a matter of time, other factors will also influence the consistency of your exercise, such as location, type of exercise, and with whom you do it.

However, there is one study that says that your body’s performance will improve in the afternoon, which is at 2 to 6 pm. In this time span, your body is at the peak of its performance, so that the sports activities you do will be more effective.

In addition, the ability to absorb oxygen is also higher when evening. Thus, you will have a faster, more focused reaction, especially when doing high-intensity sports. In the afternoon, your heart rate and blood pressure will also be lower, thereby reducing the risk of injury when your body’s performance improves.

Another study said, exercising in the afternoon will have a positive effect on sleep quality. The duration of your sleep will be longer than doing sports activities in the morning.

Apart from the results of some of the studies above, some people feel the benefits of running late in the afternoon can help them be free from the tensions and stress that occur throughout the day. Body muscles are also more flexible than when I wake up in the morning. You also have time to fill your body with food as a useful fuel source when you exercise. One thing is clear, with an afternoon run, you don’t need to bother waking up early to go to exercise, as happens when doing a morning run.

Finding the Right Body Rhythm

Afternoon running can be the perfect choice if you are the type of person who is more active in the afternoon until the evening. This means you have a circadian rhythm or circadian rhythms that is used to doing more activity before dusk.