7 Pas Fitting Methods for Diarrhea

Method Healthy / 27 September, 2019

7 Pas Fitting Methods for Diarrhea

7 Pas Fitting Methods for Diarrhea

7 Pas Fitting Methods for Diarrhea 7 Pas Method to End Water Defecation Often hawker snacks in a place that is minimal clean or consumption of food that has been infected with germs can cause people aged with defecation. The indication is that defecation becomes liquid and makes sufferers obliged to frequently go back and forth toilets to dump large water. Not only disturbing activities, if the defecation of water is left to stand for weeks, so that it can cause sufferers to face a lack of solution and have a severe impact.

Water defecation is listed as one of the diseases that is very much felt by people in a growing country such as in Indonesia. Water defecation not only afflicts old people but also children. Generally, people want to deal with defecation when consuming food or drinks that are dirty and infected by germs and viruses, as a result, the formation of inflammation of the young stomach. Not only that, anxiety, the side effects of special drugs and consuming too many alcoholic drinks can also cause defecation. Even though it is an ordinary disease, defecation can also have a severe impact if the sufferer is faced with loss of body fluids. Therefore, defecation must be quickly handled as soon as possible. Come on, find out the method for ending this next stool:

  • Take antidiarrheal medicine

Loperamide is one of the effective and lightning remedies in ending watery stools. Antidiarrheal drugs are tasked with the method of slowing down the activities of a large young stomach resulting in food can be held more slowly. After that the young stomach will absorb more water and feces also become more frozen. Please note that loperamide is not recommended for childhood consumption.

  • ORS

To avoid the loss of body fluids the impact is very often to dump bowel movements, patients with water defecation are recommended drinking ORS. ORS can also take over salt and solution that disappears in the stool. ORS water should be drunk a little for a little, after drinking 2-3 sips, finish a moment to provide opportunities for ORS to be absorbed by a young stomach.

  • Electrolyte Water

In people’s bodies, there are electrically charged minerals known as electrolytes. This mineral is found in sweat, urine, and other body solutions. When defecating water, electrolyte content in the body decreases and can cause loss of body fluids. To take over electrolytes that disappear when you defecate, you can drink electrolyte water that has been sold everywhere.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is very good to be eaten by people with defecation. The good germs contained in yogurt can fight the cruel germs that trigger inflammation of a young stomach. But for those of you who have allergies or are not according to yogurt, you should not use this method, because it can make your stool more acute.

  • Black Tea

Another drink that can also help with defecating water is dark tea. Dark tea has tannins which can reduce the severity of defecation. Dark tea mixed with chamomile is an efficient stool reliever. The drink was intended to create anti-inflammatory properties that could cure inflammation in the young stomach.

  • Boiled Water Duwet Seed Leaves

In fact the leaves of the duwet grains can be a counter medication to defecate natural water tablets. The boiled water from the leaves of the duwet has been proven to be able to limit the development of Escherichia Coli (E. coli) as well as staphylococcus aureus, triggers to defecate. Not only that, herbal medicines can also help solidify the stool. The trick, boil 4-5 carik of the leaves of the duwet leaves that have been cleaned, then drink boiled water 3 times a day to cure defecation of water.

  • Eat in Little Ration

Diarrhea sufferers are encouraged to eat meals in a small but frequent ration. Eat a fine and nutritious meal to improve a lethargic body situation.