10 Ways to Diet Properly and Make Your Body Healthy

Healthy / 30 September, 2019

10 Ways to Diet Properly and Make Your Body Healthy

10 Ways to Diet Properly and Make Your Body Healthy

10 Ways to Diet Properly and Make Your Body Healthy Speaking of diet, many people assume that it is only a matter of reducing food intake. In fact, how to diet is more complicated than that. Because the most appropriate diet is sometimes confusing. In fact, there are people World Health Organization choose the wrong diet and actually berkas to achieve what he wants. You should know how to diet right, but you must know in advance what the true meaning of diet.

What Is a Diet?

Diet is an activity to consume food in a regulated way to achieve or maintain a controlled weight.

Diet is carried out by some people with different goals. There are some people World Health Organization go on a diet to maintain their health on the advice of a doctor or because they suffer from certain diseases, and some are on a diet because of problems with their weight.

After knowing what the purpose of the diet to be done, see also how the condition of body weight, body fat levels, diseases, professions, and lifestyle. After that, consult with your doctor or nutritionist to do the right diet.

In general, getting the sempurna body, slim, and healthy is everyones dream. However, sometimes the way to achieve it is often not right. This is because many people do not understand metabolism and how the body works.

Good and Right Diet

Here are the choices for the right diet and you can apply it regularly to get maximum results, including:

1. Breakfast with vegetables and fruit

Replace your breakfast with vegetables and fruit, because they contain the nutrients needed to meet the bodys nutritional intake. The serat contained in vegetables and fruits can also accelerate and facilitate bowel movements( Ayat).

2. Consumption of nutritious foods

If you want to lose weight, consume foods that contain vit C and mineral potassium and antioxidants to help destroy cellulite, tighten the skin and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

If you are still confused about the amount of daily nutrition that must be fulfilled, the correct diet according to your doctor should contact a nutritionist so that your diet is right.

3. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day

One of the most important things you can do for better nutrition and a successful diet is to drink enough water. Drinking lots of water When on a diet, water also acts as a weight loss aid because it can help you to eat less.

4. Eat a variety of berries

The fruits of this berry family include blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, all of these berries contain antioxidants and vitamins. These fruits also contain lots of serat and have a glycemic index( GI) which is generally low around the 20s.

5. Consuming cherries

The konten of cherries is similar to berries in terms of antioxidant value. This fruit has higher alami sugar konten, but carbohydrates are very low and are an important source of serat. The glycemic index of cherries is around 22.

6. Consuming apples and pears

Both of these fruits have a low sugar konten and contain a number of important fibers. Apples and pears are still the best way to satisfy you for eating foods with sweet flavors, with a glycemic index of around 38.

7. Consuming peaches and apricots

The nutritional value of these two fruits is the same as apples and pears, these fruits are a smart way to get a good dose of vit C and serat. Peaches and apricots have a glycemic index of around 30.

8. Eat steamed or boiled food

Diet according to this doctor you can apply. Eat steamed or boiled food in a not too long time that has a more complete nutritional konten than fried foods. Foods processed using hot oil contain high calories and saturated fats.

9. Reset the diet menu

Fill one third of the food on the plate with lean meat, fish, or poultry. Try to increase the portion of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Choose healthy carbohydrate sources like brown rice or potatoes. Eat fruits that are not too sweet like apples, tomatoes and avocados.

10. Keep actively moving

Scheduling exercise in the morning before undergoing activities is the best way for those of you World Health Organization find it difficult to take the time. Try to exercise at least 2- 3 hours per week.

Before going on a diet, you should do a good and correct diet according to your doctor, in consultation with a nutritionist.

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